Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Popular Market and Food of Barcelona, Spain

La Boqueria: Trip to Barcelona will be incomplete if you miss this Market.You just can't miss this place as it is located in the heart of the city. This is near La Rambla.If you are a foodie you will love this market. You name the food item, it is available in this market !! Many varieties of snacks,meat,fish,ingredients like spices, spice mixes,lentils what not everything is available here.You will find exotic fruits,exotic vegetables, many types of juices,special Spanish non-vegetarian snacks, tapas too.Its worth visiting this place.I liked the presentation too. Each shop has its own style of presenting their products/goods.Just loved it.I am sure, This market is one of the famous markets in the world. People are very good and fun loving too. I clicked lots of lots of photos. Sharing few of them.I have explored only vegetarian food as I am a vegetarian. 

Two things you shouldn't miss in La Boqueria .....

1) When you enter the market you see fresh fruit juice stalls.Many varieties of fresh fruit juices are sold here.Loved the Fusion juices in other words juice prepared mixing combinations of fruits.I dint even think of few fusion juices before I saw there(ex: Strawberry juice mixed with coconut milk !!). You just cant't stop having one glass of juice.You feel like drinking more and more.

2) There are many shops selling dry fruits/nuts, sugar candies (sakkare achhu in kannada)and varieties of home made chocolates. I felt like buying a entire shop :-). I would say you  must try as many varieties of salty roasted nuts as possible( hazel nut , almond , pistacto, chest nuts etc list never ends). Don't miss to buy delicious roasted nuts with caramel coating. Also liked chocolate nuts, these are nuts with thick chocolate coating. 

 You will also find sun dried fruits, rare dried fruits which we never find normally in supermarkets.

I and my husband skipped our lunch that day after eating dry fruits/nuts , chocolates which we bought from this place!!! Its an amazing taste and experience....

Turron - Spanish Almond Candy : This is a traditional Christmas treat of Spain.There are two varieties, They are soft candy and hard candy. Suggest you to buy hard one if you want to carry it back home.These super tasty candies are made from almond, sugar, egg white and honey.I liked the way shopkeeper explained me about this sweet too. It was quick and very informative !!. These are easily available in all supermarkets.

There are lot many other interesting eateries and special food to be explored in Barcelona. Kindly request you to check and be ready with the plan before you visit Barcelona.

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