Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Introduction :-)

I am Prameela Bhat, owner of this blog. I come from 8 years of IT experience, quit my job to take care of my elder son "Sumadhva". Started my blog in November 2014 to capture my cooking journey. Now I code to beautify my own blog :-).  

I was on and off on my blog as I had to take breaks three four times in between because of  personal reasons. My little boy "Sughosh" turned 16 months old recently and I am trying my best to continue my cooking journey through this blog once again.

My Childhood: I have born and brought up in beautiful place called "Udupi, Karnataka".Grew up in an  authentic coastal style red oxide floor house eating all healthy food.My mother is a very good cook.During my childhood , I was behind her all the time watching her cooking,style of preparation etc. With the very minimal available infrastructure and ingredients she used to prepare tasty dishes and keep her family happy everyday.!!

 I love watching cookery shows.I Read recipes from magazines,other food blogs and cook books. Getting married to a person who is born and brought up in TamilNadu really helped me to venture into Tamil Nadu cuisines as well. Though Shifting to different cities around the world many times was tough, but it actually gave me an opportunity to explore new culture, food habits , place etc. 
 Whole purpose of this blog is to tell people cooking is very easy if you cook with interest and love.I love traditional food and believe in seasonal food.Most of the recipes are south Indian,easy,simple in my blog. If you get a chance to try out any recipes , Please get back to me with your comments. Your feedback really means a lot to me.

Happy Cooking....

Prameela Bhat.

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