Raw Banana Stir Fry/Vazhakkai Podimas (Raw Banana dry curry with very less oil)

Baby Bitter Gourd Stir Fry

Simple Potato Fry

Boiled schwarzwurzeln /salsify mixed with Indian spices(schwarzwurzeln /salsify Poriyal)

Sauteed Mixed Veggies (Traditional Indian Style)

Sauteed Green Asparagus (Indian Style)/ Green Asparagus Dry Curry

Bohnen breite Poriyal/Ajathno/Dry Curry

Pan Fried Potatoes

Gobi Poriyal/ Gobi Masala /Cauliflower Dry Curry

Broccoli Poriyal/Ajathno/Dry Curry

Spinach Dry Curry (South Indian style)/Poriyal/Palya

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