Friday, February 13, 2015

Traditional Famous Dutch Food

My visit to Amsterdam along with my family was very short. Though I dint get much time to explore on food, I tasted proffertjes and stroopwafel. I just can't forget the heavenly taste of both the snacks. Don't ever miss to taste these two specialties of dutch food  if you visit Amsterdam. 
Let me go ahead and share the details around  proffertjes and stroffels.

proffertjes : I just loved proffertjes. Its so yummy and tasty. I had never tasted such a pancake in my life. You can call it as street food ya dessert ya pancake whatever ...The taste was amazing.

Poffertjes are mini fluffy pancakes prepared with yeast,buckwheat flour and 
sugar.Style of preparation is very similar to famous south Indian breakfast paniyaram/paddu/guliappa. Using a special pan with several holes in the bottom to hold the batter these puffed tiny pancakes are made.These are typically served with powdered sugar and butter on top.Other common toppings are strawberries and whipped cream.

During fall and winter this snack can be found in many outdoor markets. I had at "Albert Cyup Market" !! . This is another market place you shouldn't miss during your Amsterdam visit.

I , my husband and my 15 months old son all three of us really enjoyed the taste of pancakes to the core.These are served on a small plate with a small fork.Wind was blowing the powdered sugar around our face... It was fun :-)

I enjoyed watching/shooting the preparation of these pan cakes at Albert Cyup market too. Here is the video of the same.Do watch and enjoy !!

Prameela's kitchen is busy with "Poffertjes experiments" to match the typical taste of Poffertjes. I promise to get back to you with the Poffertjes recipe soon so that we all can make it at home and enjoy.


This chewy cookie/pastry is very delicious.This is very unique cookie and its famous in netherlands.This sweet snack is a waffle cookie which has two thin layers of baked batter with a sticky syrup filling in the middle. Its available in every grocery store and bakery in the Netherlands. I purchased at the same place  that is Albert Cuypmarkt. It was so fresh and very tasty. You can enjoy these Stroopwafels along with tea/coffee. I missed to take the photo. Please check in google images to know how stroopwafel look like ? Homework for you :-)

Thanks for reading !!

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