Friday, March 6, 2015

Banana in Coconut Milk and Jaggery/Balehannu Rasayana

Today I am going to share one super easy,homely,no fire dessert with you all.Personally I love this dessert and my family too love this heavenly "banana rasayana".This can be served along with chapati, or you can have just like that.
  This dish is one of the common desserts typically served in a full course udupi meal.This  ideal dessert can be prepared when you have unexpected guests. You can add this dessert to your Sunday lunch/brunch menu too !!!!
  Yes , this is a vegan dessert(you should skip honey) ...toddler food... enjoyed by all age groups.
  I feel cooking is not very tough  and it doesn't take much time if and only if you pick/try easy recipes.You just cant go wrong here because all you do in this recipe is just mix mix and mix .. Isn't it easy ?? 

You can also check out "Tips" section below, because we can prepare this dessert in two different ways. Please try it at home because you don't  find this dessert in any restaurant.Down the line if I open any restaurant I will add this dessert in the menu for sure...LOL :-). keeping the joke aside, let me explain you the recipe

Serves 2

3 big size bananas
100 ml coconut milk/cow milk
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
pinch of salt
3-4 tbsp grated jaggery/sugar
1-2 tbsp of honey (optional)

How To Prepare?
  • Remove the outer skin of banana and chop them into small pieces.
  • Grate the jaggery and keep it ready.
  • In a big mixing bowl Mix chopped bananas, grated jaggery,cardamom powder, pinch of salt and coconut milk really well.  
  • Garnish with honey on top and serve chilled or just like that !!
  • You can use either ready coconut milk available in the market or you can prepare at home using fresh coconut. First add the first extract of coconut milk and mix well .Add second extract little by little and mix to get a desired consistency. 
          How to prepare coconut milk at home?
           1) Grind one cup of fresh grated coconut with 50  ml of water and pour on a  
               strainer and squeeze to get a thick coconut milk (first extract)
           2)  Again add little more water to the squeezed ground coconut and grind.Pour on   
                a strainer and squeeze again to get a thin coconut milk (second extract)
  • Instead of coconut milk you can use thick cow milk and Instead of jaggery you can use sugar. This becomes "balehannu sheekarane" which is a famous dish in Karnataka.
  • Don't use salt if you are using cow milk.
  • You can even make this dish little dry by adding freshly grated coconut instead of coconut milk. This is another version which is quicker than the above recipe.
  • You can mix the honey along with all the ingredients. I just garnished on top before clicking the photo.

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