Monday, April 13, 2015

Two traditional hungarian food not to miss in Budapest

Kürtőskalács is one of the most popular street foods in Hungary.There are lot of places where this street food is prepared in  a traditional way and served hot. I tasted this food in couple of places. If you visit a royal palace in castle district of budapest, on the way you will find a shop where I enjoyed the heavenly taste of Kürtőskalács.It was drizzling and my family really enjoyed the taste and aroma of yummy hot Kurtoskalacs. Never miss this Hungarian specialty if you visit Budapest . 

Kürtőskalács is made from flour, milk , sugar, yeast , butter and egg. Just before the serving these rolled buns are given special toppings to enrich the aroma and taste. You can choose the toppings of your choice like cinnamon, kokos , almonds etc.I tasted  with kokos /coconut and almond toppings. Just loved both :-)...:-)........You can check this wiki link  to know more about the baking process. Prepared in special way, Its very different than normal cakes and muffins. That is  why it tastes different.Very interesting Isn't it ?

I got a chance to taste the  other local specialty food "Langos" too, Its a fried flat bread topped with grated cheese and sour creme. You can opt for exotic vegetable toppings.I tasted this @ food court , central market hall,Budapest.There will be long queue and you will have to wait for your turn !!. Worth waiting , It was so filling and tasty. Simply delicious. Different varieties of sweet langos are also available, because of the time crunch couldn't try that.Just took a snap !!

These two local specialties Kürtőskalács and Langos can be tasted by vegetarians !!

Thanks for taking time out and going through my post.Please add your comments and experiences :-)

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