Friday, August 21, 2015

Udupi Saaru/ Udupi Rasam

Rasam is a traditional dish of South India. The style of preparation of this dish varies depending on the region of South India. Today I will share the authentic recipe of Udupi ie "Udupi Saaru" (Udupi Rasam). This is prepared using a Special Rasam PowderServe this hot Rasam along with Rice and spoonful of ghee.

  I would like to point out one more thing here, Tomato is also not used in the preparation of authentic traditional Udupi Rasam(saaru). Even today tomato is not being used in the preparation of Udupi rasam in krishna mutt udupi and astha mattas.

Serves 2


1 small size tomato , finely chopped ( optional as described above)
two handfuls of toor dal
tamarind , of size one gooseberry (soak it in hot water for about 10 minutes and extract the tamarind water)
1 tsp jaggery powder
salt to taste
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Asafoetida
1 tbsp fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped

For Seasoning:
1-2 tsp of ghee/coconut oil
1 tsp  mustard seeds
1 tsp urad dal 
1 dry red chillies cut into halves
10-12 curry leaves

How to Prepare ?
  • Wash and pressure cook the dal/lentil and  keep aside.
  • Mix 1 cup of  water, chopped tomatoes , tamarind water, turmeric powder, jaggery in a large cooking vessel and bring it to boil. Continue boiling for 5-6 mins.

  • Now add  cooked dal and udupi rasam powder.Boil it for about 4-5 minutes. Add water if required.

  • At last add coriander leaves and Asafoetida.Bring it to boil and switch off the flame.
  • Heat oil in another pan ,add mustard seeds , urad dal , dry red chilly . Fry till the mustard seed pops out , now add curry leaves and switch off the flame. Add this seasoning on top.Give a quick stir and close the lid for sometime so that all the aroma gets combined with the Rasam.

  • This goes well with hot rice and ghee.



  • Do not use many tomatoes , Just use one or max two.
  • You can garnish with 1 tsp of fresh grated coconut along with coriander leaves.
  • Just before serving , bring the rasam to boil again and add in chopped coriander leaves . This enhances the taste.
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