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Masala Kichdi (Using Vegetables,Rice and Moongdal)

This is an easy one pot meal recipe using vegetables, rice and moongdal. This is "No Onion- No Garlic" recipe too. Its very nutritious, healthy and perfect for lunch boxes. Cook the rice and moongdal along with veggies of your choice.[ I have added only potato,carrot and green beans in this recipe].Topping up the cooked {rice+lentil+vegetables} with masala tomato seasoning makes the kichdi very tasty !!! .Serve it along with curd, pickle and papad. 

original recipe : Manjula's Kitchen

Happy Cooking....

Serves 3-4

Ingredients :

1/2 cup moong dal 
1/2 cup kichdi rice /sona masuri rice
[ OR 1/3 cup of moong dal and 2/3 cup of rice also work well here ]
1/2 cup chopped green beans
1/2 cup peeled medium size cubed potatoes
1/4 cup small cubed carrots (optional)
salt to taste
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1- 2 tbsp ghee ( clarified butter)
3 cups of water ( add one more cup of water if you want to make this dish little watery)

For Spicy Tomato Seasoning:

1 cup of chopped tomato
2-3 tbsp of ghee ( clarified butter)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1-2 green chilly finely chopped ( adjust according to your spice level)
1/4 tsp red chilly powder
1-2 tsp grated fresh ginger
2 tbsp coriander leaves, finely chopped
salt to taste

How To Prepare?

  • Chop the vegetables  and keep it aside.

  • Add washed rice and moongdal to pressure cooker. Add chopped carrot, potato, green beans, 2 tbsp of ghee, turmeric powder, little salt and 3-4 cups of water into the same pressure cooker. Mix it well and close the pressure cooker by putting weight on top. Cook it in a high flame. After hearing 1-2 whistles turn the heat to low. Wait for 3 minutes and switch off the flame. After all pressure releases open the pressure cooker and mix it well.

  • Now lets prepare the spicy tomato seasoning. In a separate sauce pan heat 3 tbsp of ghee. Add in mustard seeds. After mustard seeds pop out, add in cumin seeds, green chilies, grated ginger,chopped tomato,salt to taste and red chilly powder. Saute well for about 3-4 minutes so that tomato is cooked well and all the masala is well combined with tomato. Not to forget , at the end add chopped coriander leaves to the seasoning.

  • Now pour this seasoning on top of cooked rice-dal-veggie mixture. Mix it well by adjusting the salt.

  • Serve with curd , pickle and papad.

Notes/ Alternatives:
  • In the original recipe carrot was not added . So you can skip carrot.
  • You can add pinch of garam masala to the spicy tomato seasoning.
  • You can also pour cooked rice-dal-veggie mixture into the sauce pan [ make sure your sauce pan is big enough] , combine and cook for 2 minutes by covering the lid.
  • Make this dish little watery by adding one extra cup of water while cooking the rice , lentil and veggies in the first step.
Thanks so much for going through my recipe.Kindly get back to me with your comments. .Please do share it with your friends and family if you like the recipe :-)

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