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Taste of Vienna

Vienna is famous for its wide range of top quality confectioneries. My stay in Vienna was short and I could taste only few authentic traditional specialties of Vienna. 
 Vienna is called "Coffee house capital of the world".Visit to Vienna will be incomplete if you don't sit in any of the cafe houses and have a cup of coffee along with freshly baked cake. There are plenty of coffee houses in the city. I had my breakfast in "Cafe Museum", one of the most famous coffee house of Vienna.Good ambiance and lovely breakfast.Enjoyed tasting few of the local specialties.

 What I Ate in Cafe Museum?

Gulhupf: This is a Austrian term for bundt cake. This cake is a circular cake with hole in the middle and wavy pattern over the cake.Gugelhupf baked and prepared in a special way using flour, raisins, almonds and Krischwasser cherry brandy.It was so delicious and fresh. Enjoyed having this cake with hot coffee. 

Kaiserschmarren (Fluffy Pncake):

Kaiserschmarren is a shredded pancake made from a sweet batter using flour,eggs, sugar, salt, and milk, baked in butter.In the original recipe there are only raisins.But nowadays , lot of variations are available in various restaurants.Usually these shredded pancakes are sprinkled with powdered sugar, then served hot with apple or plum sauce. Its so yummy...Kaiserschmarren is eaten like a dessert, or along with coffee. I had this as part of my breakfast. It was so tasty and quite filling. Unique taste, I just couldn't compare to any of the Indian desserts.Worth trying it during your Vienna visit.

Kaiersemmel(Bread):This is one another traditional Austrian food.The Kaiser roll also called a Vienna roll is a crusty round bread, originally from Austria. It is made from white flour, yeast, malt, water and salt.Top side of bread normally divided into five segments, separated by wavy cuts over the bread. It is tasty and yummy along with butter and jam !! Sorry , Couldn't focus the kaiser roll while taking the photo, took a snap of the entire bread basket as my son was not cooperating.
He was asking "Idly" in Vienna :-(

  You will find lots of varieties of pastries and cakes in almost all the bakeries in Vienna. There are lot of local specialties available in Easter markets too.If you visit Vienna during Easter then advise you to visit Easter market in front of Schonbrunn palace. That is called one of the famous romantic markets in the world.

I tasted Nussbeugerl in Easter Market located in front of Schonbrunn palace. This Arch shape sweet stuffed bun is very yummy. Sweet filling is prepared with sugar, various nuts and few spices.I am sure cinnamon is one of those spices !!. Just loved the 
aroma of moist nut filling inside the bun. (I forgot where I have taken this photo of Nussbeugerl ?? , I am sure taste will be more or less same in all the bakeries)

Sachertorte: This is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.This chocolate cake I tasted in a bakery which is located near the ticket office, Schonbrunn palace.I am sure you will find it in all the cafe houses and restaurants in Vienna, because it is very very famous.This special type chocolate cake has got different taste than normal chocolate cake. It is also served with whipping cream.
This cake is invented by  Franz Sacher In 1832.The head chef was ill so 16 year old Sacher who was doing his internship in the kitchen got  a chance to prove himself.  
Want to know more about history, composition ,origin etc? check out this wiki link

Things I missed to taste:
Another Vinnese dessert is kipferl a sweet pastry.Many guides will tell interesting stories behind this shape of the pastry.I just took a snap of the same.    

Sharing few more clicks  below which are not tasted by me.!!


 I am sure this post will help you if you are a foodie or vegetarian who want to taste local cuisines of Vienna during your Vienna visit. 
Thanks for reading my post, Please do comment / share your experiences.

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