Thursday, July 13, 2017

Must try Local Culinary Specialties of Italy - Quick Guide

Being vegetarian , its always tough to try unknown local food just like that during our travel. I visited Italy in June 2015 but missed to pen down my experiences :-). Cherishing my good memories here by writing a post and sharing with you all.
 Couple of things keeping the food related stuff aside.
....In 5 days three different cities of Italy can be visited on your own easily covering all major attractions. They are Rome, Florence and Venice [ We did this along with our 20 months old son ]. 
....Secondly,I really appreciate the way they have preserved their history, friendly system put in place for the visitors/tourists and support from the localities. Really amazing and Hats Off.

Let us dive right into my experiences related to food.

Gelato : This is the special ice cream originated in Italy. Gelato is an Italian word meaning "frozen". Gelato is made with a base of milk,cream,sugar and flavoured with fruit & nut purees . It is generally lower in fat, but higher in sugar, than other styles of normal ice cream. You can make out the difference when you have it. I just loved the unique texture and taste of this icecream. Gelato will be served in many ways like cup, cone, sandwich, cake etc. I had it in cone ( look at the pic below). You will find many shops and lot of flavors to choose.Easy to grab one.. Do Not Miss it ...



 Spritz : This is an alcoholic beverage originated in Venice. To keep it simple, this is prepared by mixing equal proportion of white wine and soda water. Served in a glass by garnishing orange wedge. Looks like , style of preparation varies from town to town of Venice. This is served as appetizer. To know about the history and detailed method of prep , please click on this link .
  I tasted in Venice. It was almost end of my Italy trip, the day was very sunny and I enjoyed tasting Spritz ! Loved the ambiance as we sat outside the restaurant. Venice is a place to get lost :-). I had fun getting lost and finding a way out in Venice ... 


Italian Pizza: I am sure there is no need of any explanation for Pizza... Most of us are fond of Pizza nowadays. Get it into any pizza point in Italy and try Italian Vegetarian pizza.100% pure vegetarian pizza are served in most of the restaurants. Crust is really thin and very tasty. Instead of electric oven, special built in traditional wood or coal fired brick oven is used to bake pizza here. Nowadays, these setups are seen in many of the Italian Restaurants in India too. I had it in Florence. Again, Florence is a beautiful city where you can roam around and explore many things. There are plenty of coffee shops in the heart of the city where you can sit,relax and have coffee along with various kind of biscottis !! . If you are a cookie lover , you will enjoy tasting /eating many kinds of tasty cookies in this place.

Thanks for Reading my post ...Love to hear your experiences too  :-)
Have a Nice Day!

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