Monday, December 7, 2015

Sesame Seed Rice/ Ellogare/ Ellu sadam

Ellogare is a new addition to my rice varieties. As the name suggests, sesame seeds and sesame oil are the main ingredients of this recipe. This is No onion No garlic recipe too. 
 Fresh ground spice mixture will be prepared first using sesame seeds, red chilly, urad dal and grated coconut. Later ground spice mixture and  hot seasame oil seasoning will be added to hot rice to make tasty and healthy "Ellogare".
 Sesame seed has lot of medicinal property and it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines. Here is a good article about sesame seeds click here to read ..

Serves 2-3 


3-4 cups of hot cooked Rice
salt to taste

for roasting:
1/2  tsp of sesame oil
1 & 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds 
2 tbsp urad dal
3-4 dry red chilies ( increase if you want it very spicy)
1/3 cup fresh grated coconut

for seasoning:
2 tsp sesame oil
1/4 tsp asafoetida
15-20 curry leaves
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp ground nuts
1 tbsp fresh grated coconut

How To Prepare ?

  •  Dry roast the sesame seeds and keep it aside for cooling.
  •  Heat 1/2 tsp sesame oil in same pan and roast urad dal,red chillies and fresh grated coconut one after another till you get a nice aroma. Let the roasted ingredients cool down. After it cools down completely, Grind all the roasted ingredients into a fine/coarse powder.

  • Heat oil in a kadai/pan for seasoning.Add in mustard seeds and ground nuts.After mustard seed pops out and ground nut changes its colour, add in dry red chilies,curry leaves and asafoetida. Saute for few secs. Now add ground powder to it and mix it well. Switch off the flame. If your kadai is big enough add hot cooked rice and salt on top of seasoning , else mix everything in another mixing bowl. Mix nicely so that all the spices get combined well with the rice. Serve hot with papad and enjoy !!



    • Excess ground powder can be stored in the fridge and consume withing 3-4 days.
    • According to your spice level , adjust the quantity of rice while mixing.
    • You can roast the ground nuts separately and add it to the rice at the end to avoid over roasting the ground nuts.
    • If you are not using hot cooked rice, then while mixing the cooked rice keep the flame in medium till your rice becomes hot.
    • You can use white sesame seeds instead of black sesame seeds.

    Thanks so much for going through my recipe.Kindly get back to me with your comments if you like the recipe :-)

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